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Knalpot mobil-Down Pipe Toyota Innova Diesel
Knalpot mobil-Down....

Price: Rp. 2 (call/sms.)

Exhaust Pipe and Down Pipe merk Kansai material T304 stenless steel. Able to increase innova or fortuner a engine horse power and torque due to better exhaust air flow....

Knalpot Opel Blazer DOHC/ SOHC Yr 95-Up
Knalpot Opel Blazer....

Price: call me

Exhaust muffler for Opel Blazer DOHC/ SOHC Yr 95-Up.

Knalpot mobil Header Suzuki Jimny Yr 82-Up
Knalpot mobil Header....

Price: call me

Produced Kansai knalpot Indonesia, catagory exhaust performance system, bold on system and material use pipe alumines. Contact email putrananang @ hotmail.com

Knalpot mobil- Header 4-2-1 Suzuki Escudo/ Vitara yr 92-Up
Knalpot mobil-....

Price: 326.500.000

Produced kansai knalpot Indonesia, catagory exhaust performance system. Bold on system and material use pipe alumines,

Knalpot Mobil BMW 320i E36 M 50 Yr 93-95
Knalpot Mobil BMW....

Price: call me

Catagory original exhaust system Rear Muffler BMW 320i E36 M50 Yr 93-95.

Exhaust pipe Chevrolet Captiva Diesel Yr 09-Up
Exhaust pipe....

Price: call me

Exhaust pipe with flexible Chevrolet Captiva diesel Yr 09-Up, material stenless steel.

Knalpot mobil Toyota Yaris Yr 06-Up
Knalpot mobil Toyota....

Price: call me

Exhaust performance system for Toyota Yaris Yr 06-Up, component knalpot Sport Exhaust 2 front resonator.

Exhaust Finisher Chevrolet Captiva Diesel Yr 09
Exhaust Finisher....

Price: call me

Exhaust finisher Chevrolet Captiva diesel Yr 09-Up. Material stenless-steel. Bold on system. call me 081588336066.

Knalpot mobil Daihatsu Taruna Yr 99-06
Knalpot mobil....

Price: 30000 - 250000

Produced Kansai knalpot Indonesia, exhaust performance system component Exhaust Header configuration 4-2-1.

knalpot mobil BMW 318i E36 M40 Yr 91-93
knalpot mobil BMW....

Price: call me

Rear muffler BMW 318i E36 M40 Yr 91-93 componen catagory Original exhaust system produce by kansai knalpot Indonesia. Material use plate alumines.

knalpotmobil BMW 318i E30 M40 Yr 89-91
knalpotmobil BMW....

Price: call me

Exhaust original system produce by Kansai knalpot Indonesia, bold on system and material alumines plate.

knalpot mobil BMW 520i E34 M50 Yr 90-96
knalpot mobil BMW....

Price: call me

Produce Kansai knalpot indonesia catagory original exhaust system. Material alumines plate.

Header 4-2-1 Ford Fiesta 1600cc Yr 10-Up
Header 4-2-1 Ford....

Price: call me

Exhaust system performance ford Fiesta 1600cc Yr 10-Up Header 4-2-1 design and setting for make to improve performance.

Knalpot mobil Mazda 2 Yr 10-Up
Knalpot mobil Mazda....

Price: Rp. 390.000.000 - 395.000.000 (Harga Bisa Berubah Sewaktu-waktu)

Produced P.T. Kansai knalpot Indonesia catagorie exhaust system performance for Mazda 2 Yr 10-Up increse power and torque Mazda 2 Yr 10-Up product Header configuration 4-2-1 with....

Chevrolet Captiva -Diesel Yr 09 - Up
Chevrolet Captiva ....

Price: contact me

Change down pipe with Exhaust pipe make engine improve Chevrolet Captiva diesel Yr 09 Up.

Exhaust Muffler-Daihatsu Taruna Yr 99-06
Exhaust Muffler....

Price: 1

Product exhaust performance, component exhaust Header 4-2-1, Sport Front Muffler and Rear Muffler w/ stp. Merk kansai material sheet and pipe alumines. Rear Muffler with single....

Exhaust Kansai Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Diesel
Exhaust Kansai....

Price: Contact me

able to increase Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Diesel Engine and torque de to better exhaust air flow.Acceleration would significantly improved.

Knalpot mobil Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Yr 09-Up( model twin)
Knalpot mobil....

Price: call me

Sport Rear Muffler w/ 2stp Mitsubishi Pajero sport Yr 09-Up. Bold on system and plug n lpay. Make performa car sytle and sporty.

Exhaust Finisher/ Muffler Cut
Exhaust Finisher/ ....

Price: 300

Universal performance and produced by which design you need, install it yourself. Contact me 081558336066.

Stenless Flexible Exhaust Connector
Stenless Flexible....

Price: 1000

Automobile flexible hose, a part of car exhaust system installed between engine and absorb thermal expansion of muffler pipe by high temperature exhaust gas.

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